Book and Publication Editing Services

Nose Production explores and helps the cultural exchange between Japan and the rest of the world through its global network in the interviewing and photo shooting community.
For magazine articles, we provide a total service including final proofreading for production orders.
For books, we provide a wide range of services such as: briefing, planning,
contacting authors, translating, and/or re-writing.

Japan Modern(1999)

・This hardcover book is a collection of Japanese interior design and architecture photographs.
・Received interior book section’s The Best Book Prize 2001 at the American Book Expo, the second biggest world book fair.


Photographer: Michael Freeman
Language: English, German, Japanese
Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Publishing

New York City Graffiti (2000)

・This paperback book is a collection of photographs of street graffiti in New York and talks about the subculture in Bronx and neighborhoods. In addition,
the photographs had been presented on the stage of Yaen(野猿)’s final concert.


Publisher: Graphic-sha Publiushing Co.,Ltd.

The Modern Japanese Garden (2002)

Photographer: Michael Freeman
Language: Published in English and German first and then translated in French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese


Publisher: edition) and for other editions: Mitchell Beazley,
Editions Treville, Flammarion, Edicion Gammma, Logos and DVA

Design Japan (2003)

・ This paperback book examines and explains the inspiring contemporary Japanese deign sights.


Photographer: Michael Freeman
Language: Published in English first and then translated in French and Japanese
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley, BNN (Japanese edition)

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