Location Coordinate

“Natural Geographic Light” is a phenomenon that occurs in a very short period of time in the evening. Natural resource like this adds a drastic change in images. When the photo shoot is set up in outdoors, it is absolutely critical to consider the suitable climate, light source, and specific time to achieve the maximum effect in the finished works.
Nose Production considers these facts and suggests the best situations for your images. Let the photography capture stories for themselves!
Our visual director takes the responsibility to organize the most sufficient time in a day for the locations and subjects while his assistants help and support other technical works.


According to the information provided from you, we propose plans for interviews and photography sessions.


First, we suggest matching locations for your theme via email.
If you are shooting a documentary about “Japan and the highest life expectancy”,
1) -Make primary arrangements/consultations using email-
・Find photogenic old Japanese men in a village in Okinawa with the highest average life expectancy.
・Make up an estimate for the photo shoot and interview.
・Plan another photo shoot and interview in Sugamo, known as elderly people’s Harajuku.
・Setting up anther photo shoot and interview for a professor who specializes the Japanese healthy balanced diet and long life expectancy.
Based on your ideas, we do a research with various approaches. In addition, we show some sample images and questions for the interviews. We start from brainstorming and then specify the ideas with you.


Theme: Sacred sites and religious places in Japan. Setting up a photo shoot in Isejingu.
Negotiate legal access (location permit) at Isejingu in advance/For 2 days/Reserve hotels at your request/Confirm transportation expenses from Tokyo (one Japanese-English speaker scouts the locations with us/you as a crew member)/Translate the data into English in case of requests/Coordinate: US $1200 (Additional charge for transportation expenses)


2) - Preparing materials and details for photo session and interview -
・Once the location is chosen, details such as dates, numbers of crews, transportations, accommodations, required equipments are decided.
・At this point, we suggest the presentation free for the interviewee and models.
If your budget is restricted, in case of freelanced photographers etc., we try our best to keep the cost low. Please feel free to ask for a price quote.


Scenes were filmed in a Japanese sake brewery, an izakaya, and a shrine where sake was dedicated as an offering.
◎ It was filmed in a spare time during the travel time. Every time we come across something relates to the theme; even during the other photo shoots, we suggest shooting scenes in order to provide the maximum opportunities during your stay /Coordinate scenes at a sake brewery (in West Tokyo) and an izakaya (in Tokyo) /For 2 days/ US $750 (Additional charge for transportation)

At the sight / Location

・A Japanese-English speaker accompanies us as a crew member. If requested, the interview is translated from Japanese into English immediately after the session.
・The session is held at the best time and location in appropriate amount of time and a number of professional crews.


Housing in Japan (locations include private houses)
◎ Locate traditional Japanese houses to shoot and get in contact with the owners for interviews/Also possible to suggest a few other venues by emails prior to the actual shoot/Make an arrangement for a driver/Make appropriate and reasonable travel arrangements to and from the locations with the equipments /2 locations in a day (total 8 houses)/For 5 days/Coordinate: US $2100

Staff work (Optional)

・If you wish, we gladly assist you further tasks like making restaurant reservations, arranging for other services near the sights, booking tickets to local attractions and festivals, taking a tour in the local areas. We hope to support you not only technically and linguistically, but also maximize your stay in Japan!!


modern Japanese cuisine
◎ Set shoots at the Tsukiji market and an established sushi restaurant/ Set an interview in a modern Japanese restaurant/For 1 day/Gather and submit the data of the photo shoot at the modern Japanese restaurant/Use public transportation in Tokyo/Coordinate: US $600

A Follow up

If you would like to hand out copies of the finished products such as magazines, books etc. to the interviewee and models, we help you send them out using our domestic mailing services. It reduces the shipping cost to send copies to independent addresses from overseas.


Diverseness of Tokyo culture
◎ Do a search for suitable cosplay events/Get permission from the cosplayers to photograph/Send out photographs for the models after the photo shoot/For 1 day/Coordinate : US$450


Our services include:
-Conduct research for one location: $400
(Includes compiling data, suggestions for model casting schedules)
*Fee for arranging accommodation is included.
- 1 day photo shoot (approximately 8 hours): US $300 (overnight trip + $100)
*Meal expenses will not be charged additionally.


A Japanese-English speaker with experiences in magazines and book publications is available to accompany you/us. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.



Subject:Ukai (鵜飼),The traditional cormorant fishing
-Accommodation and transportation fee: Free
-Data analysis and compilation: finding and contacting a cormorant fisherman for an interview: US $600
-3 day photo shoot (3 days and 2 nights) + translating the interview into English: $1800
*Additional charge for actual expenses.

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