Representative Interview・Photo Shoot

Need originality in your article? News agency services are not good enough to make your article interesting yet need to keep the budget low? We aim to capture our photographs with photojournalistic perspectives and the interviews to reflect real outspoken voices.
What do businessmen feel about “the Abenomics”?
Even a simple question/ comment like this would make your article become more interesting and original.
It is not difficult to find beautiful images of Japanese sake but the precise image you are looking for is Japanese sake served at a local izakaya?
We are committed to create photographs that speak thousand words.
We would offer you ideal representative interviews and photo shoots perfectly matching your particular and urgent situations. Shooting both locally and other prefectures in Japan, we strive to achieve the excellent results in many passionate and creative ways.

Example for a representative interview

Subject: Representative interviews at a Japanese Animation Studio.
Japanese Anime is now one of the central attentions in the foreign media.
We offer a total support for the interview: from finding a list of Japanese Animation studios, getting in contact with ones you choose, setting up the dates for the interview, preparing specific questions, and then having the actual interview with animators.
We aim to bring out the vibrant, yet honest voices and appearances of the interviewees. The interviewer and photographer are native Japanese speakers based in Japan to achieve natural and undisruptive images and avoid miscommunication.
・ Our crews include a current photographer for a weekly magazine. We immediately conduct interviews. Interviewees could vary from a young Japanese hostess to a professor at university. We make arrangements for the interviewees you need and set the interview and photo shoot promptly.

サンプル サンプル

Scenery of Japanese field and “Horse Logging”
A story of the traditional Japanese horse logging in Tono,Iwate.
We plan a narrative of traditional Japanese forestry and horse logging and do interview and photo shoot within Japan.
Each story: $1200〜


サンプル サンプル

A story of non-Japanese residents who are successfully working as canyoning instructors in Japan.
The Canyoning, originally from France, is an adventure sport.
Minakami, Gunma is a popular location for hot springs and perfect waterfalls for canyoning.
We plan foreign people’s success stories in Japan.
1 story: $1200

Example for a representative photo shoot

Subject: Japanese Gardens / Festivals / Cherry Blossoms
There is always a risk to plan a trip overseas to shoot something highly depends on the season or weather.
Although the quality of images from photo agencies is not effective enough, taking best photographs in a few scheduled dates may seem quite difficult.
For instance, a lot of foreign camera crews visit Japan to shoot cherry blossoms each year. However it is almost impossible to predict the dates for cherry blossoms in full bloom.
For situations like this, our camera crew will shoot the ‘timely’ subject in various angles through the local eyes.

岩手 岩手 岩手

When a natural disaster occurs, it is crucial to go to the spot as quickly as possible to shoot the scene. Our staffs are ready to make a move right after a natural disaster strikes. Please ask for more information.

サンプル サンプル サンプル

The Japan Self‐Defense Forces(自衛隊 ): Japan Ground Self-Defense Force(陸上自衛隊), Maritime Self Defense Force(海上自衛隊), Japan Air Self-Defense Force(航空自衛隊)
We have a team member who has a lot of knowledge and years of photo shoot experiences with the Japan Self-Defense Forces. He is able to set perfect shooting opportunities and owns many photos of JGSD in stock. Please ask for more information.


First, please send us the context of interviews and photo shoots (addressing target subjects, comments, questions, preferred time and dates especially if it is for particular festivals and events).

オバマ 天皇

Representative photoshoots for occasional one-day events such as the Emperor’s Official Birthday. One day : $500〜
Representative photoshoots and reports for one-day current events such as President Obama’s visit to Japan. One day:$500〜

Fee for representative interviews

Fee for representative interviews:
Representative phone interview: US $200~
Representative interview: US $400~
Representative phone comments: US $200~
*An additional charge will apply for translation.
Fee for representative photo shoots:
One location: US $500
*An additional charge will apply for the actual expenses.


In addition, we take images and pictures for guidebooks and columns in publications.
One location within Tokyo: $250(scheduled from 2 locations and more)

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